About Exercise Toronto

Exercise Toronto is a website that is dedicated to bringing amateur fitness buffs throughout Toronto and the GTA together with those businesses and organizations that offer services and products that will support their exercise endeavors.

Here at our site we are making a two way commitment to those who would have a use of what we have to offer.

The Toronto Exercise Businesses and Organizations

It serves as a complete exercise business directory where you can list your business in order to present your business offerings to a target market that is specific to your industry.

For the Toronto Exercise Enthusiasts

You now have a one stop platform to come to in order to check out exercise products and services that will be of value to you. You can gain all types of information about any given sport or exercise that may be of interest to you. If you are looking for a business that is going to offer you the type of exercise that interests you then you will have no need to look any further than here.

It is our goal to keep up with the industry events that are taking place within the Toronto area so we can keep you informed. Our mandate is to make this site much more than a mere directory site that only provides a list of phone numbers and locations. It is our hope that Exercise Toronto becomes an online portal that you will want to visit often. Also, a platform that you will want to share with your friends.

Our offerings to the exercise business entities is based on meeting their needs of being able to get their information out to those that have a true interest in what they can offer.