Check Out the Nia Technique Cardio Workout Event

Nia Technique Cardio Workout EventWhile a lot of people in Toronto want to engage in some form of exercise not everybody is into the strenuous workouts or enjoys running and jogging. There is no need to worry however, as the Nia Technique cardio workout is being offered in the form of fitness dance. The exercise incorporates the Nia Technique. This is comprised of a selection of movements along with concepts and beliefs from both Eastern and Western traditions. Collectively, it offers a grouping of martial arts, as well as dance arts including the healing arts all in one format.

This form of fitness dance using the Nai Technique can be utilized by any age group and even those with limited physical conditions. Although it is a gentle form of exercise, anyone that has health problems or has not participated in exercise in the past really should check with their health care provider to ensure that exercise is safe for them. The Nai technique through the dance form brings all of the benefits that many forms of exercise will. It can be used by those that want to become more fit, and many are finding that it is beneficial for weight loss. One of the additional benefits is that this is a group form of exercise so it increases socialization skills.

To introduce yourself to the Nia Technique you can do so at an event that is being held at the Bluehel Dance Studio at 34 Lakeshore Road East Suite 301 Mississauga Ontario on Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 10 AM to 11 AM. You can call or go on line to book your tickets. The cost for this program can range from being free up to $100 depending on the program that you choose.

Event: Nia Technique Cardio Workout Event

Where: Bluehel Dance Studio

34 Lakeshore Road East Suite 301 Mississauga Ontario

When: August 27, 2016