Don’t Miss the Fast and Female Champ Chat

Fast and Female Champ ChatThis is an exciting event that focuses on girls between the ages of 8 to 18. It’s all about encouraging girl power and unity through different activities such as being able to participate in a Yoga and dance party. Participants also get the chance to mingle and chat with the Fast And Female Ambassadors. This event is being held on November 26, 2016 from 1 PM to 4 PM. It is being held at The Mastercard Centre For Hockey Excellence at 400 Kipling Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. There is a small fee of $30 for participants. This is an event that is going to be very popular and will fill up fast. The online registration will close on November 24 at 5 PM, so those that are interested be sure to book your tickets early.

In the slim chance that the event does not become sold out prior to the day of the event you may be able to buy tickets at the door but the price will be $35. For the cost of your registration aside from being able to attend this exciting venue, there are also some freebies that come along with it, for example a Fast And Female L.L. Being technical T-shirt as a well as some other offerings.

The purpose of the Fast And Female Champ Chat is to encourage participation for this age group for girls, and it is a celebration of the CWHL and the Toronto Furies 2016 – 17 season. This venue is being presented by the Refueling Women Champions in Toronto, Ontario. You are encouraged to bring a water bottle as well as activity clothing including gym shoes. I

Event: Fast and Female Champ Chat

Where: The Mastercard Centre For Hockey Excellence

400 Kipling Avenue in Toronto Ontario.

Toronto, Ont

When: November 26, 2016