Take Advantage of Free Mudder Training Camp

Tough Mudder Training CampWhen it comes to sports and fitness activities throughout Toronto there are plenty of venues to take advantage of. The problem is often they receive very little marketing or exposure, so a lot of people miss out on them. Another great aspect about many of these is that they are often free. The Tough Mudder Training Camp is a good example.

The Tough Mudder Training Camp is an opportunity to get yourself in shape if you are going to enter into any of the Tough Mudder competitions. This is an organized event by Alpha Obstacle Training. This is a company that focuses on communities by encouraging the participation of all age groups to come together by utilizing fitness activities to inspire social as well as physical skills.

They encourage people to go beyond their present capabilities both physically and mentally, and overcome challenges that they never expected to be able to complete. These events focus on the teamwork of a community and are bringing people from all walks of life together. Some of the venues include obstacle course races as well as training camps and youth programs.

The latest Tough Mudder Training Camp for the Toronto area is scheduled for 23 July 2016 from 10 AM to 11:30 AM at 176 Cherry Street in Toronto. In order to take place in this training you will need to register online. If you happened to miss this date it’s just a matter of keeping an eye out for future Tough Mudder Training Camps.

If you have decided that you and your family members are going to get involved in this exciting form of exercise be sure that you are wearing the proper equipment that is appropriate for the event that you are going to be participating in.

Event: Mudder Training Camp

Where: 176 Cherry Street


When: 23 July 2016