University Campuses with Excellent Workout Facilities

When it comes to studying in an academic environment, such as a well established university, keeping a “Sane Mind into a Sane Body” is essential if students are to live a balanced and relaxing campus life.

ohio-stateThose who wish to register into programmes that will lead to earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees will be able to learn from this page of the website, which presents some of the most prominent universities best known for the fact that they have fitness and workout facilities.

  • San Francisco University:

presenting a fully fledged athletic field, for all the Olympic sports, this university’s campus offers a large gym where most of the time those who are part of the basketball teams, as well as those who practice martial arts train;

  • University of Pennsylvania:

being one of the most reputed universities in terms of athletic performance, its 19000 square foot fitness center promises to be one of the most complete and featured workout centers from the whole East Coast;

  • North Dakota University:

having as one of their mottos and initiatives the health of the attending students, the administrative staff at this university has ensured that people benefit from one of the best recreation and fitness centers, with its own campus kitchen, which promotes “green” cooking and a balanced lifestyle;

  • University of Chicago:

featuring one of the most impressive fitness facilities in the whole United States of America, this university boasts a recreation center that functions both as an artistic monument, as well as a place where personal training and group exercising takes place;

  • Texas State University:

with the standard facilities one might expect to find, such as a gym, basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pool, this university’s fitness center will also allow students to perform rock climbing onto a specially designed climbing wall.