Workout Parks In and Around Toronto

Outdoor fitness equipment at Glen Ravine Park

If you live in a city like Toronto, you have the opportunity to take volleyball, basketball, baseball or soccer classes for free, with the groups that organize these activities, in public parks. You can join whenever you wish to, without being obliged to pay a membership fee or attend the meetings with certain regularity. In addition, you will make great friends and find exercising a little easier and much more fun in the open air.

  • Christie Pits Park has a baseball, basketball and volleyball field. It is amongst the favorite parks to exercise in Toronto, as it also has a swimming pool.
  • Sunnybrook Park is currently equipped with professional fields for cricket, rugby, field hockey, archery and many others. All the activities that can be participated in this park are labeled as “Premier“, meaning that all the fields are top of the class.
  • Withrow Park is spread over eight hectares. Being this huge, it offers almost any type of field for playing outdoor and indoor sports. You name it: tennis, baseball, dry pad, sports and fitness equipment, plus a field house for playing indoor sports.
  • Eglinton Flats is rather specializes in soccer, as it has no less than six fields dedicated to this sport. The bocce lovers can play this sport outside in the Bellwoods or in the Eglinton Flats, on a professional court. Many find these multipurpose fields useful and attractive as they can bring their own equipments and practice whatever sport that is not covered by a field in other locations in the city.
  • Centennial Park is considered to be one of the most versatile places to participate in sports in Toronto. It is equipped with a ball diamond, free to use fitness equipments for outdoor sports, a sky hill for when it is cold and snowy, a lake for fishing, open spaces for golf and Frisbee.